Things I Have Learned About Myself From Pinterest

I made a Pinterest account last summer so I could have a place to save all the overcomplicated updo tutorials that I’m “definitely” going to try out “once my hair gets long enough,” i.e., never, because I am super lazy about grooming stuff and will probably have a chin-length bob for the rest of my life. But I’ve pinned them all anyway, and now I have a little corner of the internet all my own where I can go whenever I want to feel dissatisfied with my personal appearance and home decor choices. Haha, just kidding, that is what Instagram is for.

I’ve just had a look and found that I currently have 346 pins, ninety percent of which fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Hair, make-up, and manicure tutorials that I am never going to try for reasons outlined above.
  • DIY home decor ideas that I am also never going to try.
  • Typography stuff.
  • Papercraft stuff.
  • Illustration and design stuff.
  • Travel stuff, which is to say:
    • Pictures of Northern English/Scottish countryside.
    • Pictures of fancy European buildings.
    • Pictures of night skies lit up by stars / lanterns / the Aurora Borealis.
    • Pictures of forests, mountains, lakes, forest-covered mountains, and mountain lakes.
    • Pictures of New Zealand.
  • Shoes and coats that I can’t afford
  • Dumb chevron bullshit.

I guess Pinterest has a thing now that allows you to “explore” your “interests,” wherein they provide you with a bunch of categories they think you might be interested in browsing based on your existing pins. Here’s what mine look like (you can click to make it bigger if that is a thing that you would like to do):


Haha, Pinterest so has me pegged.

I would like to point out a couple of curiosities, though:


I don’t like inspirational quote pins, mostly because they tend to be poorly attributed quotes photoshopped on top of unattributed photos but also because they tend to be pretty irritating. Likewise, I don’t really know what “high road” is supposed to mean as a category title, but I clicked through and it was just more inspirational quotes, mostly from the Bible. Anyway, I suspect both of these sneaked in via my typography board.

(I am not actually as interested in Italy as this screenshot would suggest, but I do remember pinning a pretty baller photo of the Colosseum, so okay.)


hmmmmAt first I thought Pinterest was trying to convert me, but then I remembered that I’ve pinned a couple of fancy European churches and also that one David Hale print, so there you go.

In conclusion, Pinterest is like so whatever and I have mixed feelings about it because, while I do think it’s pretty useful for saving and organizing internet content, nobody on that site sources anything ever, and that makes me sad and also mad. Sometimes I go on Pinterest “just to see what’s happening” and then I fall into a black hole of reverse image searches and suddenly it’s three in the morning and I still haven’t been able to figure out who to credit for the thing I originally wanted to repin. Then I feel bad about my life choices again, but this time it’s for misusing my limited time on earth rather than for being terrible at putting on winged eyeliner. Boo. Credit the artist, guys.


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