Unsolicited Information About British Pop Bands, Part Three

Well, my last post about a British pop band certainly proved popular! Yes HULLO zero comments, but wordpress tells me I got some views from England, and I have heard some of those views were ACTUALLY JLS, so that’s alright.

(Hello, JLS! When are you doing an American tour? I can guarantee probably at least ten people would come out to see you play in Santa Fe. Oh we don’t really have a big arena do we, well maybe you could play at the convention center then.)

Anyway, here is another post about a British pop band. No it’s not One Direction, what even is that? I am going to talk about THE SATURDAYS. The Saturdays are a group of five ladies who sometimes wear color-coded outfits and usually sing fairly meandering songs about love in the club or the lack thereof et cetera. If you like pop music you will probably think most of their songs are fair to middling, and if you don’t like pop music you will hate them all. I think they are alright, personally, but I am mostly only interested because one of them is married to Marvin Humes from JLS.

Popjustice has posted a pretty good introduction for American readers, which might be worth checking out if you are interested in learning more re: The Saturdays, especially as that’s where I got pretty much all of my information on this subject in the first place. Go straight to the source and so on, yass yass. Really, though, we might be getting ahead of ourselves here. I think the main thing is just knowing which one is which, so here you go:

This is Rochelle. Rochelle is married to Marvin from JLS.

This is Mollie. She is blonde.

This is Frankie. She has short hair.

Oh shit there are two more aren’t there? Okay:

This is Una.

And this is Vanessa. (All images via.)

My knowledge of The Saturdays can hardly be called encyclopedic, but here are some videos I found on youtube if you would like to acquaint yourself further:


I don’t really get this song, I think it’s about the Saturdays having low self-esteem. Anyway, it’s pretty good. In the video they make everyone in New York start dancing with the power of their music! What are you doing in New York, The Saturdays? There is also a version with Flo Rida in, but let’s not talk about that.

My Heart Takes Over

Goodness but this is a serious song about heartbreak! Vanessa is more or less carrying it, to be honest. The video is just them standing around and looking sad in some desolate wintry landscape and it’s pretty boring.


This video really showcases The Saturdays’ color-coded marketing scheme, similar to that of JLS. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Marvin the green one from JLS had married Rochelle, the green one from The Saturdays? Nope, The Sats don’t even have a green one. Rochelle is like, red, or something.

Guess she should have married Oritsé.


Oh wait I guess sometimes she’s green. Okay then.


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